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It is written within an historical framework and puts flesh and blood on the bare bones of ship-lists and like statistics. It has both humor and pathos and will appeal to students as well as to members of the general public. The books covers the part played by the major merchant shipbuilders of ships of-the-line, to the Admiralty. (The Barnard Dynasty 1697 - 1851) They built some 79 ships for the Navy Board and a similar number for the Hon. East India Company. This books sets out to fill the historical void of the role that the private sector played in providing vessels to maintain Britain's supremacy at sea.

The Author traces the history of four generations of the Barnard family of shipbuilders from modest beginnings in Ipswich toa prosperous business that was not only the premier supplier to the Hon. East India Company but also build many significant ships for the admiralty. The book covers the ships that the family built and taces their enterprise to its demise on the River Thames in the first quarter of the nineteenth century. It must be emphasized that this is not a genealogical study but concentrates solely on the Barnard family's shipbuilding interests.


"Because of its unique approach this book makes an excellent gift. Keen ship enthusiasts will normally have a gap in their collection and that gap is covered by this book..."

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About the Author John E. Barnard