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HMS Pandora

The Pandora

HMS Pandora, a Barnard built 24 gun frigate, was sent in pursuit of Fletcher Christian's Bounty mutineers. In 1791 when homeward bound and with 14 mutineers successfully captured, she struck part of the Great Barrier Reef.. Unlike the majority of historic ships which ran aground on the Great Barrier Reef, the Pandora did not break up.  Refloated by her crew, she later sank in the Torres Strait virtually intact and settled into the sea bed. Covered by sand, the bulk of the artefacts remained more or less undisturbed in thier original setting inside the ship.
In 1977 the wreck was discovered in an extremely well preserved state, and since 1983 the Queensland Museum has led eight expeditions to the site. Thier web site illustrates HMS Pandora and the Museum's excavations

 HMS Pandora


Full details in Building Britain's Wooden Walls "The Barnard Dynasty c.1697-1851"  
by John E. Barnard

Building Britain's Wooden Walls: Barnard Dynasty c.1697-1851

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HMS Pandora Specifications of the 24 Gun Frigate

Length  114' 3'' (35m) 
Length of keel    94' 3" (29m) 
Breadth  32' 2" (9.8) 
Draught  15' (4.5m) 
Tonnage  513

20 x 6 pound cannon
4 x 18 pound carronades
12 x half-pound swivel guns

HMS Pandora stamp 1

 HMS Pandora stamp 2

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